Oman Science festival 2022

The 3rd Oman Science Festival will continue to be the ideal destination and hub for innovation, passion, experiment, reflection, inspiration, renovation, modern trends and future prospects towards creativity. This festival will be as if a mirror that reflects the Omani ambition towards the achievement of Oman Vision 2040 and the national strategy for innovation. In fact, Oman aims to be the best model and destination among the world’s top-twenty-country in the innovation index by 2040.Nowadays, modern and advanced science, innovation and technology form a solid constitution in the essence of knowledge society. They also help in strengthening ..

Festival Objectives

  • Sharing science with students and community members using an easy effective way which could stimulates creative thinking.
  • Encouraging students to understand the importance of science in life and urging them to innovate.
  • Creating a positive attitude towards science, innovation and scientific research.
  • Enhancing students' skills to integrate into a knowledge-based economy.
  • Encouraging young generation to continue learning in scientific disciplines.

Festival Activities

Interactive Scientific Workshops.

Scientific Innovations Exhibition.

Scientific Discussion Sessions.

Scientific Competitions.

Science Theater.

Our Targets and Partners

School students.

Higher Education Students.

Educators and parents.

Governmental, Private and Military Institutions.

Civil Society Institutions.

Scientists, Researchers, Specialists and Academics.

People Interested in Science from Different Countries.

Oman Science Festival 2022 begins in:

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