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Exhibition workshops

Theme 1: Food Security (12 October)

  • 9:15 - 9:00

    Food security in GCC countries: cooperation in science, technology and innovation

    Dr. Abdoulaye Saley Moussa
    Natural Resources Officer, FAOSNG, UAE
  • 9:30 - 9:15

    Oman’s national pathway for food systems transformation

    Dr. Mahira bint Ali Alzadjali,
    Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources, Oman
  • 10:00 - 9:45

    The role of peaceful nuclear science technology in the field of food security

    Dr. Hashimoto Makoto
    Deputy Director, Radiation Protection Division, Orai Research and Development Institute, Japan Energy Agency
  • 10:15 - 10:00

    Nuclear technologies in the field of food security

    Dr. Khaled Aljoumaa,
    Head of industrial irradiation department, Department of Radiation Technology, Syrian Atomic Energy Authority
  • 10:30 - 10:15

    The role of SQU Innovation Technology Transfer Centre in promoting innovation culture and managing new food products development

    Dr. Mohammed Al-Rizeiqi,
    Lecturer at the College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences, SQU
  • 11:05 - 10:50

    Omani youth on the innovative lead to enhance national food security

    Dr. Abeer Al Kalbani,
    Lecturer at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences
  • 11:20 - 11:05

    Cultivating ecosystems which nurture innovation in entrepreneurship (with focus on youth)

    Ali Shaker,
    Head of Business Development & Partnership, Zubair Enterprize Development Center
  • 11:35 - 11:20

    Empowering coastal women through entrepreneurship development

    Muzna Al Hatmi,
    CEO of Lawamis Company
  • 11:55 - 11:40

    Introduction to blue transformation

    Dr. Lionel Dabbadie,
    Senior Fisheries and Aquaculture Officer, FAO subregional office for GCC States and Yemen
  • 12:10 - 11:55

    Aquaculture in Oman: status, challenges and opportunities

    Dawood Al Yahyai,
    Director General of Fisheries Research, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources
  • 12:25 - 12:10

    Behar Platform and its role in Fisheries sector digital transformation

    Mohammed Al Huseini,
    Behar Platform Founder
  • 12:40 - 12:25

    Tasting of aquaculture dishes Discussion


Theme 2: Cybersecurity (12 October)

  • 10:50 - 10:30

    Cybersecurity: Insights, Resources, and best Practices


    Expert in Science and Technology Sector of the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) in Rabat.
  • 2:10 - 10:50

    Behavioral Analysis in Cybersecurity

    Dr. Ahmed bin Hammad Al Kalbani

    Dean of the Academy of Advanced Cyber Security- Oman
  • 2:30 - 2:10

    Autonomous Cyber Defense: A Fantastic Opportunity and Must-have Technology

    Dr. Paul Theron

    Founder and First Chair of the AICA IWG International Working Group on Independent Intelligent Defense Agents

  • 2:50 - 2:30

    Cyber Security Operations

    Rashid bin Salem Al Salmi

     CEO, Insight Information Security

Theme 3: Climate Change and Its Impacts (13 October)

  • 10:20 - 10:00

    Natural Disasters and Climate Change: Enhancing Adaptation and Resilience

    Dr. Badaoui ROUHBAN

    Adviser at the United Nations (UNESCO
  • 10:40 - 10:20

    Green Transformation and Facing Climate Changes

    Dr.-Eng Foued El Ayni

    Expert in ESICO

    Environment expert
  • 11:00 - 10:40

    How to Prepare the Younger Generation to Face the Effects of Climate Change

    Dr. Micheal Hoch

    Scientist and physicist, founder of the Science and Art Program at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
  • 11:20 - 11:00

    Climate Change in the Sultanate of Oman: Future Expectations and Adaptation Strategy

    Dr. Malik bin Mohammed Al-Wardi

    Associate Professor at Sultan Qaboos University - Department of Soil, Water and Agricultural Engineering

Theme 4: Astronomy and Space Sciences (13 October)

  • 1:50 - 1:30

    Space Economy Between Technologies and Future Foresight

    Ammar bin Salim Al-Rawahi

    Space Projects Consultant - Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology
  • 2:10 - 10:50

    New Worlds and New Civilizations: The Search for Alien life in Science and Culture.

    Dr. John Collick

    Head of International Education Strategy
  • 2:30 - 2:10

    Exploring Einstein's Universe: the Dawn, and Exciting Future, of Gravitational-wave Astronomy

    Prof. Martin Hendry

    Professor of Astrophysics and Cosmology at the University of Glasgow
  • 2:50 - 2:30

    The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Legacy and Prospects

    Klute Markus
    A professor in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology- Germany (one of the largest research and teaching institutions in Germany-)
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